Take your business across International barriers through our flexible range of Corporate Banking Solutions.

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Union Bank offers a wide range of Corporate Banking services to our Corporate clients, Hedge funds, Institutions, Individuals, and more.

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Union Bank is here to assist you in every facet of your Wealth Management, including the administration of a Charitable Gift-Giving plan.

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What Are We Made Of

At Union Bank, we bring together the solid foundation of a private bank and the dynamic mentality of a start‑up.

Our Values


At Union Bank, it's never business as usual. Like our clients who are driven by a strong entrepreneurial spirit, we are always on the lookout for exciting opportunities and new ways of doing business. Our mission: to redefine the future of private banking.


Union Bank is small, lean and heirarchy-free. That gives us a dynamic edge, where we can pivot on a dime and make decisions fast.


Each client comes to us with a different story. We take in every detail of it so that we can make smart, well-informed investment decisions that will give their next chapters even more momentum.


We believe that there is strength in unity. At Union Bank, we foster a spirit of teamwork and togetherness in our relationships with clients and with sub-contractors.


Union Bank provides private banking services that adhere to the highest levels of security and oversight. Our clients work hard to attain their wealth. It's our mission to protect it and make it grow.