Beyond Banking

At Union Bank we merge the solid foundation of a private bank with the agile mentality of a start-up. This allows us to build trust, create partnerships, and offer personalized, creative banking experience to our clients.

We live by these values because they help us go beyond – beyond challenges, beyond boundaries, beyond the status quo – for our clients. They rely on us for investment expertise, whether that means securities trading or derivatives transactions, commercial banking solutions, such as trade finance and letters of credit, and managing and preserving their private wealth with a steady, long-term focus.

Our culture and values act as a springboard from which we can offer these investment, commercial, and private banking solutions and continue to find new ways to serve our clients better. At Union Bank it’s never business as usual.

Protection is an asset

As a fully licensed bank based in Vaduz, Liechtenstein, Union Bank AG is a member of Liechtenstein’s Investor Compensation Scheme. The deposits of individual private or corporate clients are guaranteed up to a maximum of CHF 100,000 or the equivalent of this amount in another currency. For full coverage details, please visit EAS-Liechtenstein.

Location as a virtue

Discover why you should bank in Liechtenstein and take advantage of the benefits.