Take your business across international barriers through our flexible range of corporate banking solutions.

At Union Bank, we take your business needs seriously. Your financial growth and security are our top priorities. As markets expand on a global scale, international trading is becoming more and more necessary for increasing profits and reducing costs. While transacting with foreign businesses may feel like stepping into unknown territory, you can rely on Union Bank’s solutions and services that help minimize risks, speed up income flows and streamline business processes.

Global solutions for specific needs

The world is your marketplace. Whether you run a corporation or financial institution, or if you’re in the trading, import and export business, we have you covered. Take your business beyond your horizons through our range of trade solutions:

  • Classic trade flow products (including letters of credit, standby letters of credit and bank guarantees)
  • Structured trade and export finance
  • Structured commodity trade finance
  • Trade partnership banking

Letters of Credit

Make worry-free purchases from suppliers with our letters of credit. This negotiable instruments offers no less than seamless and secure payments for international trading activities. With a letter of credit, Union Bank will guarantee the release of payments to your suppliers as soon as certain conditions are met.

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Bank Guarantees and Standby Letters of Credit

Your peace of mind matters, especially as your money crosses global borders. Protect your business from unexpected disruptions in international trade through Union Bank’s bank guarantees and standby letters of credit. These can be your contingency measures, in case of sudden cash flow problems on your end. It also ensures your losses are minimized, in the event your suppliers are unable to comply with the terms of your transactions.

Obtain a bank guarantee for your next big transaction.

Structured Trade Finance Solutions

Your high-value commodity flows deserve no less than being the top priority of Union Bank’s Structured Trade Finance Department. You can expect us to be there every step of the way—from inventory financing to process financing, as well as in pre-export financing application. With easier access to financing terms, you can optimize and diversify your financing opportunities while guaranteeing strategic acquisitions.

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High rewards demand high risks, but with our forfaiting services, you can minimize the risks that go with high value international trade transactions. This will enable you to receive payment immediately for medium-term receivables at a discount, with no recourse of payment obligations. Union Bank, as forfaiter, acts as a middle entity that purchases your receivables. The importer will then have to pay the forfaiter to claim the goods. This ensures faster cash flow to your end, while eliminating the risk of default on the part of the importer.


Some transactions and projects are too large to risk with a single entity. Through our syndication services, we can pool resources from several companies in order to share risks involved in high-value transactions. This gives you access to a diverse pool of resources suited to different aspects of your business.

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