Union Bank offers a wide range of Execution Services to our corporate clients, hedge funds, institutions, individuals, and more.

We want to dedicate the time to become acquainted with your business and learn about your growth opportunities, challenges and operations. With this information, combined with our professional expertise in the trading arena, we will seek to build the best investment portfolio for your business needs. Allow us to work with you in exploring which investment solutions and products are available, while we determine which make the most sense for you.

Sales and Trading

Investing provides an opportunity to grow wealth and meet your financial goals. At Union Bank, we understand the complexities of the trading world. We offer comprehensive strategies for tracking and executing securities transactions in exchanges around the world. Whether you’re a small business owner seeking to simply start trading, a corporate board looking to expand your corporation’s assets, or an institutional investor with a desire to generate additional return on your fixed income and equity portfolios, Union Bank is here to help you navigate through all the options and opportunities available.

Equity Leveraging

Leverage is a complex and versatile tool in the investing toolbox, and one we are adept at maneuvering. We structure and execute a variety of transactions, including equity offerings, debt issuances, and derivative transactions, all with an eye towards increasing the potential return on your investments. Allow our investment professionals to offer their advice and guidance on whether the use of this trading tool would make sense as an inclusion in your company’s financial portfolio.

Best Execution of Equity Securities

Union Bank facilitates e-trading in European equities for our clients. Covering all areas of the European market, from small-, to large-cap stocks, our Vaduz-based trading team provides direct access to individual stock exchanges. As you direct the sale or acquisition of an equity, our job is to pursue the most favorable terms available at the time of execution. We will consider various factors, such as the nature of the equity’s market, the type of transaction in question as well as its size, the accessibility of the quotation, as well as potential for price improvement, the terms and conditions of the order as provided, and the quantity of markets checked. Union Bank will regularly evaluate the overall quality of the execution orders we receive as well, to give you the most desirable transaction possible.

Custody and Clearing

By utilizing our agile and efficient custody and clearing services, Union Bank provides our corporate clients with direct access to capital market infrastructure and consolidated post-trade services with a single point of contact, covering custody, cash, and foreign exchange services. Maximizing operational efficiency is paramount to successful growth in any business. Rather than finding your company’s resources impeded by unnecessary burdens, allow us to help simplify your operations, allowing you the advantage of saving time, and dedicating your full attention to your company’s investment activity.


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