Fintech: Revolutionizing How We Serve You

While many banks see Fintech as the enemy, we see it as our friend; enabling us to better serve our customers through new touch points, products, and technologies.

At Union Bank, we believe in serving our customers in the best possible manner. We offer our clients a personalized banking experience, anticipating your every need. This means constantly changing with the environment, adopting new technologies, developing new solutions, and introducing new services. Our clients rely on our expertise, and we believe in providing nothing less than the best.

Fintech: The solution to your problems

We understand that in today’s fast paced world, our customers are increasingly looking for convenience, simplicity, and ease of use. Clients expect hassle free transactions at their fingertips, saving their time and effort for more important tasks. With your needs at the core of our operations, we see Fintech, the latest buzzword in the financial sector, as the solution to your problems.

Fintech describes the use of technology to improve or change the way financial activities are conducted. While traditionally this term referred to innovations in the back-end of financial institutions, today Fintech is out to change the way consumers interact with banks and other financial institutions. Fintech now covers new payment methods, stock trading, mobile banking, insurance applications, money lending, and so on; all at the touch of a finger.

Over the past few years, Fintech has been taking the banking industry by storm. While many view it as a disruption to the industry, reducing the role and relevance of private banks as they stand today; we see this change in a positive light. We see Fintech as the source of a revolution that will help us serve our customers better, faster and cheaper.

Using large amounts of data and the latest technology, Fintech allows customized financial solutions to reach the customer in a low cost, simple, and transparent manner. Combining this strength with our existing knowledge, capital, and client base, we believe we stand in a position to revolutionize banking as it is done today.

The key to leveraging Fintech

Our approach towards Fintech is driven by three core success factors.

  • Innovation: We see innovation as the key behind successfully incorporating Fintech into our business. This means embracing new ideas, new technology, and new talent with an open mind, and allowing outside forces to gain from our vast knowledge and experience, in order to come up with a new, mutually beneficial idea.
  • Partnerships: We believe in strong partnerships and deep rooted collaboration as essential in allowing both banks and Fintech startups to not only survive, but to create a revolution neither could achieve alone. Combining the strengths of both will help us serve customers in new and unmatchable ways.
  • Capital: No big impact can arise without a sufficient degree of investment backing it up. We believe that as a significant player in the industry, we are in a suitable position to back Fintech, giving it the boost it needs to take on the world.

We at Union Bank, strive to deliver the best possible customer experience to our loyal clients. As key to delivering this promise, we see Fintech as the enabler, allowing us to deliver our services with greater convenience, at a lower cost, and with new innovative solutions.