Your World. Your Passion. Our Focus.

Union Bank is here to assist you in every facet of your wealth management, including the administration of a charitable gift-giving plan. Our financial experts want to provide you with the support, advice and guidance in order to help you develop your philanthropic goals.

At the heart of every gift is an altruistic intention manifested by a personal desire to make the world a happier and better place. You know what drives you and where your passions lie. When it comes to wealth management, it’s our job to guide you. Whether you have a designated project, or merely an inspired idea into which you seek to breathe life, Union Bank wants to support you every step of the way.

How you give and when you give

Your choices of today can have an enduring impact on the future, and Union Bank is here to help you both define your objectives and explore the various charitable gift-giving options available.

As you plan your giving, we want to support you in keeping your personal objectives and charitable intentions in line. Together, we can construct a personalized and comprehensive gift-giving plan, while keeping your philanthropic vision at the forefront.

For example, you may simply choose to opt for the most straightforward and uncomplicated approach to gift-giving by making a one-time gift to an organization of your choosing.

You may instead opt to implement a lifetime structured gift, which would provide the intended beneficiary with a set income stream upon which it could rely. These gifts are often made through a charitable trust, a donor-advised fund, or a private foundation and allow you to make a more proactive decision in supporting your chosen organization(s). Further, they allow you more flexibility in deciding how your money is distributed, as there are several giving vehicles to consider.

You may also wish to explore putting a testamentary gift in place, which is a gift made upon your death. This option can serve to benefit future generations while allowing you to maintain control over your assets presently.

Each option acts to meet different objectives and can have varying tax implications. In whatever situation, Union Bank wants to help you put the best strategy in place. We will seek to ensure the optimal timing of your gift giving, while keeping considerations like estate and income taxes in mind, all with an eye towards allowing you to maximize the value of your gift. In short, whatever path you wish to forge, we are here to help you determine the best options that will work for you along the way.

Perhaps you are already involved in your own philanthropic pursuits and have a set charitable giving plan in place. At Union Bank, we would be happy to review your current structure. Allow us the opportunity to review it with you, and together, we can make sure it is still exactly what you want. Remember, we are here for you.